Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a document telling our visitors of the site what information we collect and what we do with that information. It simply explains that it is a short explanation of what we are doing and how we observe visitors of our website. Our privacy policy statements describe the type of information we collect, and what we do with it. We assure full security on all your personal information you disclosed with us.

Collected Information

We collect information from you when you register on our website, your login details.
When you shop online from our store we receive your name, address, email address and your phone number.
Also, your previous orders and transactions including the price details of the order, date of transaction and payment history.
Service usage data are collected automatically when you interact with us. This collection of data includes your interactions with the features of the site, content, links contained in our services and time of interaction and computer’s IP (internet protocol) address, browser, the operating system used, language and cookie data. Through this data, you are identified, who you are, where you are located, address and many more in detail.

Use of your information

  • We will use your data only when you agree to do so. This is used when your data is needed to deliver for the services that you have purchased and for other lawful purposes.
  • We collect your information to improve our services and to provide the maximum level of customer satisfaction.
  • We use defined customer information to understand your behavior in shopping. So that we can provide a relevant and better experience on our website.
  • Your information helps us to respond more effectively to your orders.
  • We use your information to reach you with new offers and deals that could ease your purchase in our store.
  • Email id and phone number to be provided for your order processing, so that we can notify you shipping info through the same.
  • Identify and investigate the security problems, errors and may need to optimize the performance of our services.
  • Analyze our services and find which of our service is most relevant to you.

Secure your Information

It’s our responsibility to secure your personal information. We promise that your username and password are safe and secure on GTRACK. Already we take strong precautions on the frauds and third-party access in destroying, disclosing and misusing user’s personal details. We are implementing more security features for our customer protection. Also, our internet and electronic storage is 100% secure.

The users are not supposed to apply for the same username and password in multiple accounts. But can change your username and password when needed.

The users can provide their credit card information and can save it for further use, maybe for the next purchase in the next day, week, month or even in the coming year. This information is encrypted via secure socket layer technology (SSL) and protected from a third party access.

Disclose your Information

We follow 100% business ethics and we do not disclose your personal information to outsiders. We may disclose your personal information if required by law as per our site policies. Your purchase data details are visible only until your purchasing time ends. After that, your data will be removed.

How to access and make changes on your data

You can access your account by login through My Account. You can make any changes to your existing details at any time. All your data will get disappeared when you remove your account from our website and those data will no longer exist.

Changes in Our Privacy Policy

We do have the right to make changes in our privacy policy anytime. Please follow our website frequently and keep updated yourself with the website rules and regulations.

Terms and Conditions

Visit our terms and conditions that describe the use and limitations of our website. Please go through the document to understand more in details.

Contact Us

If you have any questions and complaints about our privacy policy. Please mail us at